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For rifle, I'd find a hard time wasting PP using Grenade Shell over switching to the launcher, I almost mentioned that but wanted to keep it focused on one weapon at a time to keep it simple, course, it's good to have addendums like you have there for weapons I'm less familiar with. Tapping the Weapon Action button while that white circle is showing will change the Photon Art into a Focused Photon Art, doing more damage but changing other properties (typically less AOE or duration). From 4 hits in less than a second for shortest duration, and 13 hits in about 4 seconds for longest duration. never felt like I needed to go back to it, but it's been quite a while... the katana stuff is pretty cool though, didn't know that! Quick question, what is the perfect guard ring and why is it important? adding on that this PA also grounds you instantly. The next thing you should do is max out Weak Bullet so that you will have… Really strong for burst damage against bosses or otherwise easy enemies to parry during the PA, Sonic Arrow: Needed for the Perfect Guard ring, Heavenly Drop/Heavenly Fall: The standard, and strongest DPS PA for lances, has auto-guard on cast, a cheap cost, great damage, iframes as soon as you start the grab attack and all the way through. Two short range blasts with a reliable hitbox that come out quick and can hit multiple targets. Launch high into the air, then unload a stream of precise shots onto a single target. they don't get perfect attack bonuses, however... when each ring is at +20, you perform the photon art for free, and with a power bonus that far exceeds the damage from doing perfect attacks. Ignition Parry is in it's called Blaze Parry. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 04/26/2020 Recommended NA Weapons Added a video on why Elder Rifle is good for PSO2 NA… Hello i recently came back to pso2 after a very long time ( when braver was just released i believe ) and i have been out of the game for such a long time I'm not sure what the "meta" photon arts are now or what are the best ones to use. Frontal horizontal range is fairly long. Movement speed is normal even while the shot is flying. for those NA players who don't know what the standard/most popular photon arts are on JP, here's a list of them so that you can use/save/sell them. The PA cannot stay in the air though. Their playstyles differ quite a bit though. Every guide I've found mostly refers to combos that include crafted PAs so I've been unsure of what I should even be using. Can be canceled by dive rolling while holding down the PA. Usually, you use pen arrow spam unless you can't get the double shot or the boss is moving then you use master shot spam for your banish combo. First off, you should put a point into Stun Grenade and Gravity Bomb. The shift action makes you do a series of backflips with invincibility frames while casting Deband. Katana – Quick Cut. Sword: Stun Concido is not the highest dps. Recommended to use in the air, as it is slower on the ground. PSO2 NA Guides. Guns are still guns too, so shooting from afar is still an option. By tapping Shift you'll create a white ring on your Character, by using a PA during this ring you'll perform the Shift Version of that Photon Art. This PA is great for doing damage on a single target. Charges at high speed by straddling the Launcher and spray with recoil. Rising Edge: Efficient DPS, charge parry, able to reposition well, good for hitting boss points high and low. Deals 1% Power to nearby enemies during the jump. Possesses a Photon Art for nearly any situation, making the weapon extremely adaptable. The crafted versions were literally band-aid patches to make certain PAs better. 1. Good list but, it doesn’t list out what areas/monsters drop the PA’s. Depending on the level, the potency of the Photon Arts varies. Can be canceled by dive rolling before launching. When the PA is held down, the laser will continue to fire while consuming PP. If the user changes weapons while the blast forms, the explosion effects remains but no damage will occur. Enjoy. The vehicle of choice for any Ranger that can afford it, Flame Round/Flame Bullet: A fairly PP-efficient PA that can be a good way to do damage while moving, Cosmos Breaker: Great damage, great AOE, but it may be very difficult to get it to connect with its slow speed, so get up close. Standing Snipe gives you extra bonus damage too while you set up your burst. I've only seen Hunter Gear Save talked about as a 'must have' ring for hunters. Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +87 Discs are obtained from container and enemy drops, receiving gifts from partner NPCs multiple times, or buying them at the Disc Shop and Player Shops. Utilize explosive power to perform a rushing attack as you move freely around. Yes and no. These are a pair of 1-handed swords that are characterized by a limited range (although, some Photon Arts have surprisingly high strike range), rather low damage per hit, and very rapid attack speed. You could farm Photon boosters instead, swap them for 11 star weapons, then swap that for photon spheres it’s only 10* for sphere swap. Katana – Quick Cut. Bouncer Balance Changes. Double Saber. Ranger is, by far, the more "standard" ranged damage dealer of Phantasy Star Online 2 (the other one being Gunner, of course). Only usable with a Ranger Main Class. pso2 how to set photon arts, He has been in positions ranging from the main lead to art director to production designer. And how does PA crafting work? PAs are more like combat skills while Techs are more like spellcasting. This is the only Twin Daggers PA that does not possess Just Guard. Examples are Profound Darkness battlefield edge, the barrier before Rockbear in Naberius TA Advance (or Nab1 back in the older days) which can be used if you activate the short cut, the Zanverse is what actually suctions the enemies. In PSO2, criticals deal 100% of… Weapons have a damage variance where you deal damage within a set range (95-97% is the minimum). After loading for about a second, hold down the Launcher to spray flames at the enemy. doing my best though. Couldn't find any info on it online. December 16th, 2020 Update . The Ranger Class is the usual long range specialist. Use at your own risk, Rumbling Moon: Great for AOE and repositioning yourself, and fairly comfortable for rotating tech arts, Illusion Flurry/Illusion Rave: A highly efficient PA that deals pretty respectable damage, it also generates two whirlwinds with the ring, improving your DPS even further, Turbine Toss/Deadly Archer: The highest DPS PA for double saber, it's quick and effective for bossing, but it has the caveat of its throw distance being linked to character height, for unknown reasons. Ranged based skills do not apply for this PA due to the attack being a melee type that scales off of Ranged Power. rip tech users, also there's a few weapons I'm not terribly experienced with. (i'm drawing a blank on what the name of the gunslash pa is, but it may or may not existin na regardless) ---edit--- regenschlag . Complete build for Ranger/Hunter in PSO2 which is a high Tier long-range DPS class. I am a big fan of Fighter's Tech Art skills. This weapon is really quite pathetic in the damage department. 10s and 11*s are swapped for ex-cubes. Each weapon has its own set. nothing wrong with using other choices Where would I find a drop for it? Charging triggers a more destructive attack. Step attack range increased. Shift Photon Arts. If you press and hold the button used to activate Photon Blast, a circle will appear around the character and it will be in a standby state. As a Ranger you should be using both. It's 2 hits on the ground and 1 in the air, the air version does basically the same amount of damage as both ground hits put together (damage spread is like 1st ground hit is 30% of the damage and 2nd ground hit is the other 70%, which the air version does the full 100% in 1 hit). As of 16 September 2020, SEGA’s MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 has a new arrival in form of the new class Luster. If the user changes weapons while the shot is flying, it will disappear. Messiah Time is also good for chains. Finish with a massively powerful explosion that decimates all nearby foes. Pso2 how to get photon water Pso2 how to get photon water. A list of the best PSO2 builds with an in-depth comparison of all available character classes. 8. Chase arrows can also be spammed to use for chasing (hah) bosses from a safe distance. Damage and attack range increases by charging. Heavy hammer also gives 7 seconds of superarmor. Every video showcasing photon arts is quite old so I decided to make some current ones. Continues to rush as long as the PA button is held down with sufficient PP. Photon Blast Chain. Photon Arts and Techniques are learned via consuming Discs. used in PSO2 are owned by SEGA Corporation. Rifle: Piercing shell is the go to PA for dps when you can't use EA. Sakura type 0 raises you a hair above the ground, which allows you to use Gekka immediately. There is ending lag when activating the PA on the ground, but can be canceled by jumping or Normal Attacking. I would drop grenade from the rifle. I know you can buy them, I’ve been looking for this PA for some time now with no real general direction on how to go about it. You should be using the rifle for single target/ bossing and the launcher for mobbing. Normal attacks are only for maintaining PP. You won't see this when not in a quest and using a weapon which has one of these tied to it. Increased the power of all Photon Arts. Additionally it is ridiculously strong when used with the Perfect Guard ring, and during a period of triggering it from being attacked constantly it has pretty ridiculous DPS, Rising Kaiser/Kaiser Rise: One of the few ranged attacks Hunter has access to, quick cast, cheap cost, good for tech arts, Cyclone Driver/Other Cyclone: Good AOE PA, the most efficient against large groups that Hunter has access to, but requires crafting to really shine, Spin Dance/Adapt Spin: The standard movement PA for lances, and can be a quick option to reposition yourself in combat, as it costs only 5 PP, Volkraptor/Vol Graptor: The standard PA for bossing, as it amplifies the damage you deal to a target after it sticks into an enemy, and is partisan's crutch for all eternity, Bandersnatch: Very quick PA, great for sticking in some extra damage before Volkraptor explodes, Impact Rise/Rising Flag: Required for the Perfect Guard ring, but really needs to be crafted so it can be a mild travel PA and a quick efficient one like Bandersnatch, Decisive Sweep/Slide End: A fast PA with a lot of range and a lot of damage, simple and great, Assault Buster: A quick-stabbing PA that has the highest DPS for partisan, simple and effective, Twin Daggers have few-frame parry windows before nearly any attack connects, Raging Waltz: Fantastic PA for chasing and generating gear, dagger's bread and butter for sure. In PSO2 NA, Just Attacks, Known as “JA” to JP server players, are called Perfect Attacks. If you have any doubts, make sure to ask for second opinions before finalizing choices. Enjoy. Normal attack range increased. Holding the button will increase the length of this attack. Also Dove is shit. Has no loading animation and has a fast rate of fire. Additionally it is ridiculously strong when used with the Perfect Guard ring, and during a period of triggering it from being attacked constantly it has pretty ridiculous DPS. PSO2 NA Guides. They were called 'Complex Photon Arts' in the JP version. Let’s take a quick brief on how the class works. Once Phantom releases to increase focus gain rate, you can spam this kick like crazy, Sac bite I usually just keep on my Subpallette, since it's not really something I spam except for certain fights, which allows me to have Nova strike on a weapon pallette. Wand: Defy the laws of physics repeatedly by doing normal attacks and spinning around while you do.When you use a Photon Art with the Wand, a white circle will appear during it. There is no charge. FAQ com as questões mais frequentes que os jogadores brasileiros tem sobre o Phantasy Star Online 2. User Info: Master_Norris69. Some PA attacks include Melee based attributes and some have a Distance Decay specification. Spam uncharged Master Shots and/or Piercing Arrows for best results, Million Storm: Pretty useful for big groups of mobs, especially during PSE Bursts, ?/Chase Arrow: Not in NA? they're just not as popular or recommended, for minmaxing or comfort reasons. The dummy stays there for a certain period of time, and after a while it explodes and damages anything around it. Also want to note Starling Fall. Altitude does not sustain when used in the air. But Pen should definitely be your main DPS while master is your fallback. Se uma Photon Art for usada após Phantom Step, ela se torna uma Shift PA. Ao invés de usar a weapon action você simplesmente pode usar a esquiva, é bem útil já que diferente da weapon action você consegue ativar “Dodge counter shot” e “Dodge PP Gain”. Source Last updated: April 8th, 2020 Disclaimer: The information and suggestions this guide provides should not be blindly followed. Where does eraser sphere drop from? Use with DB Snatch ring while in the air for your typical PBF DPS. If you're satisfied with the results, you can apply the disk to alter the behavior of the Photon Art. Thanks a lot for putting this together. Weirton police officer stephen mader. pso2 how to set photon arts, He has been in positions ranging from the main lead to art director to production designer. When the shot hits anything other than an enemy, the blasts occur on the spot, and if it hits an enemy, the blasts occur on the area the enemy was hit at. Also known as PAs and Techs. Phantom Photon Arts do not require a Photon Art ... takes the Assault Rifle and combines it with its own powers to vastly increase its damage and versatility beyond what a Ranger could ... (images, data, audios, texts, etc.) Kamaitachi (weapon action) damage increased. Hold the button to increase the distance that the projectile travels. Gunner should be in the air 99% of the time anyways! Shift Photon Arts. Many of its Photon Arts are charge or timed release-based; failure to execute them properly will significantly neuter output. In addition, one of the PAs has the effect of forcibly knocking back some enemies that normally can't knocked back by. This is the one where you grab an enemy and slam them into the ground right? All Photon Arts can be extended to an additional attack by holding onto the Photon Art button. Works similarly to Sakura Endo T-0 -> Gekka Zakuro combos now. Being a chargeable PA, the user cannot remain the same altitude in the air. Similar to the AIS Photon Laser. The Best PSO2 Builds by Odealo . Don't let seemingly low damage-per-hit fool you; Dual Blades can slice & dice any opponent in seconds. it makes such a big difference (halves gauge usage). Blade Bash/Stun Concido: Highest general DPS, great for triggering tech arts for Fighter and Etoile sub, comes out super fast with a low PP cost, Guilty Break: Great for chasing, charge parry, cheap cost, the designated travelling PA for sword to cover large distances in a flash, Sacrificial Bite/Sacrifice Bite: Mainly for buffing the sword's normal attack, crafting makes it quicker, ?/Ignition Parry: Not in NA? Since gekka activates immediately when in the air, (and since it's better the lower you are to the ground, as it hits so quickly), a great combo is Sakura Type 0 -> Gekka -> 3rd normal hit. After using an attack with Katana, you're able to perform an attack by using the Weapon Action once the blue line appears as seen above. Fire a beam of condensed photons. When used, there is a 2 second pause after loading before firing. Specializes in primarily close to mid-range melee attacks, but sports several methods to quickly close gaps to move within range. Does 3 hits. This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 04:30. For rifle, I'd find a hard time wasting PP using Grenade Shell over switching to the launcher. Time it right and you can parry attacks at the start of it, Infinite Storm/Infinity Fire: While the base version is mildly useful for dealing damage while moving, the crafted version has insane burst damage with Chain Trigger, nothing compares to it, Satellite Aim: Quick, simple and effective, this PA is great for straight close range DPS, Gunslinger Spin/Reverse Tap: A useful PA for maintaining height with tech arts as well as repositioning yourself, and it can even parry some attacks, Grim Barrage: The travel PA of choice for TMGs, Master Shot: Bread and butter DPS PA, quick and effective homing shots, Piercing Arrow/Penetrating Arrow: High DPS PA as it can hit one target multiple times, Strike Bomber/Sharp Bomber: Only useful after being crafted, it can be used for mobbing as well as dodging attacks with the flip, Final Nemesis: Great for pre-charging against a boss, as well as starting a Banishing Arrow combo, Banishing Arrow: The main way to deal damage to bosses, dealing amplified damage just like Volkraptor. Next page (Tips & Tricks) Table of Contents MagAffixesSkill RingsWeaponsUnits Ranger Gearing Is critical chance useful? Also Kazan Nadeshiko after crafting (Kazan Nadeshiko T-0) will refill you Katana Gear/Focus when it's active for as long as you hold the charge. However, movement speed is decreased and the reload animation (and Perfect Attack window) will occur when the blast forms. Keeping Katana Gear/Focus active is one of the key things to maximize Katana Braver DPS. Quick March Holding down the button allows you to move in any direction with a rushing attack. Attack occurs once immediately after the laser is fired, and then once every 0.5 seconds. Specializes in primarily close to mid-range melee attacks, but sports several methods to quickly close gaps to move within range. Fire three grenades in succession at a single target. Any dummies deployed will remain even after changing weapons. Shift Period too for mobbing pre 85. Justice crow is good too and is what you should be using to build gear when you want to use kestral-0. Photon Arts are offensive skills that can be learnt through discs in Phantasy Star Online 2. The caveat of this PA is that you often don't hit weak points for Advanced Precision Hit, however, Stationary Fire will apply if it is active at the moment of firing, regardless of the recoil after. A customization disk will be sent to your Item Pack after the process is complete. Think of it as free damage when initating combat or somesuch. sacrifice bite buffs normal attacks as I said. Unfortunately it requires you to cancel out of it with weapon action, dodging does not work, Decimator/Backhand Smash/BHS: The big shot PA for knuckles, with absurd DPS, but horribly PP inefficient and has a really small hitbox, Meteor Fist: Necessary for big fist spamming once you can get your hands on the Gear Experience knuckles. If the user cancels the slow movement during the explosion with a dive roll, the attacks will remain. The bread and butter Chain Finish is four Satellite Aims done in the air. Ranger Photon Art Mobility NA Help! think of them as the essentials that's not to say the other PAs I don't mention are useless or otherwise unusable. PSO2 JP PC/Vita Server Notfall Wartung | maintenance. Fire a projectile which moves slowly but has incredible destructive power. What is Type-0? These will really help you get PP (if you get Tactics Trap) and group up enemies so that you can have an easier time hitting them. Yes and no. If there's a special barrier, then you can actually stack all the hits on the same location. Next page (Tips & Tricks) Table of Contents MagAffixesSkill RingsWeaponsUnits Ranger Gearing Is critical chance useful? The intensity of this attack is unaffected by perfect attacks. This is the main single target attack for Twin Machineguns. Introduction. Tsukimi Sazanka -> Gekka Zakuro was an old reliable Katana combo until Guren came out. perfect guard rings, when you perform a perfect guard with sword/lance/partisan, you automatically perform a photon art (sonic arrow/heavenly drop/impact rise) while still receiving the iframes from a usual perfect guard. However, if another Cosmos Breaker is fired before the first one hits, the first shot disappears. Photon Arts are a form of attack originally introduced in Phantasy Star Universe and returning in Phantasy Star Online 2.Various skills and special attacks may be performed depending on which one is used. Heavenly Kite -> Kestral Rampage T-0 is generally the cycle to use. for those NA players who don't know what the standard/most popular photon arts are on JP, here's a list of them so that you can use/save/sell them. Pressing and holding down the PA will lengthen the duration and increase the number of hits. Load up a special kind of ammo and spray a fierce blast of flame. Without Zanverse, there is no suction, Not using the weapon action has a little AoE explosion that is actually pathetic in damage. These attacks are much more powerful in comparison to the weapon's default attack, however, they consume a certain amount of Photon Point (PP) per use. Well, if it’s not clear already…. Fires off a slow moving grenade with slight homing capabilties, and when it hits anything or travels a certain distance, it causes an explosion that hits multiple times (The explosion can launch). Forward warning: Because of the awkwardness of the naming, I will refer to these crafts as Type-0’s a lot. To unlock Phantom, you have to reach level 75 on at least two other classes. Both of these trigger Shifta Air Attack Boost, which is something you typically want. I kinda put nova strike out of my mind since I don't use it anymore now that I have all 3 weapons built, and I only have so much palette space. Reverse Tap also has a suction effect. The name of a Photon Art craft in NA is called “[PA Name] Zero” which is a bit weird for me to call it a “zero craft.” The attack is considered a ranged attack with headshot capabilities. There really isn't much to go into, it's statistically worse to use both usually in terms of DPS and how they function. This section outlines a basic strategy for Twin Machineguns, starting with… Read More »PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.4: Photon Arts and Strategy Although less effective in multiplayer Boss situations, they offer great versatility against multiple targets. It's also useful for gaining a little height to a boss's weak point, Baleful Circle/Deadly Circle: Once this is able to be crafted, it provides parry frames in all directions for a ridiculously long time, Pendulum Combo/Pendulum Roll: Highly efficient damaging PA, while providing intermittent iframes while ducking, Advancing Charge/Straight Charge: Once crafting comes, this becomes a crazy DPS attack as your knuckles become a forward drill, Nonplussing Knuckle(lame name)/Surprise Knuckle: A cheap PA to rotate tech arts, while simultaneously being able to reposition yourself easier in close combat, Burst Infinity/Flash Thousand: An efficient PA that parries with the first uppercut, and has a fairly wide range compared to other PAs. Threat Level is set for the dummy, which has the effect of attracting the enemies attention. Nova strike? TD: Quick March is the main DPS PA. Nocturne is the highest dps. Suggested Ranger Photon Arts. if i remember correctly, that was one of the pa's that got added in ep3 in jp, specifically in uq. think of them as the essentials, that's not to say the other PAs I don't mention are useless or otherwise unusable. Afterwards, holding down the PA will consume 1PP at a rate of 20PP per second. Shift Period is also used for mobbing. 8. 00 Speed +15. The user can move, jump, and dive roll from the time the shot is fired until the blast forms. The taller you are, the further it flies, so adjust accordingly, Acroblitz/Acro Effect: A quick PA that also has parry frames after the first attack until just before the last. Pso2 how to get photon water Pso2 how to get photon water. Hits all enemies in the line of sight from the muzzle to the point of impact. so where the hell do i get banishing arrow that isnt 200k plus on the mb, Adding on, this is one of the go-to PAs for Photon Blade Fever cycles. Ranger is, by far, the more "standard" ranged damage dealer of Phantasy Star Online 2 (the other one being Gunner, of course). In addition, one of the PAs has the effect of forcibly knocking back some enemies that normally can't knocked back by. What a Custom Photon Art Does #0801. The dummy has collision detection and can be used as a shield to block long-range attacks. Like Hero, Phantom wields one weapon from each attack type and is unable to use subclasses. Consumes PP as described when activated. The user can turn, move, and jump freely to some extent during the PA. Put the extra points in either the S-Atk Ups, Half and Deadline Slayers, or Tech Art bonuses. Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10. com was launched at … If you put the generic skill 'build up photon art' on your bar, it will show how many stock you have in its window. Pairs well with Precision Hit Blast Bonus. The beam can be maintained by holding the button. Satellite Aim Two short-ranged, hard-hitting shots. The invincibility frames and Deband casting is convenient too.… Zero Range bonuses obviously don’t reach very far, but Gunners can pull a few tricks to get into Zero Range. In addition, there are PAs that has a suction effect, PAs that attack when conditions are met, and PAs that add to the damage the user has dealt within a certain amount of time. Holding the Photon Arts button until the end of this PA will cause you to instantly switch to the next Talis on your Weapon Palette. Fires off an explosive shot with high power and wide range for launching. Crafting it later will make it cost almost no PP and allow you to choose a direction to spin, or choose not to spin at all, improving your speed, Sarabande Shredder/Bloody Sarabande: A PA that's fairly decent for mobbing, has good damage and its wide area can take enemy movement into account better, as daggers have very short range, Orchestral Conductor/Ooorchestraaa: The main highest DPS PA, its only weakness being if a target moves a pixel away, Wild Rhapsody: I believe crafting is better, but it's a handy PA to rotate tech arts with Orchestra on bosses, as you can move slightly during the spin, Facet Folia: While not very strong, it provides iframes throughout its animation, and chases on the last hit; if you get the TD Air Chase ring this PA will also chase, making it easier to connect, Nocturne Descent/Fall Nocturne: Quite a strong PA, but needs height to make the most of it; Raging Waltz's upper can provide a good opener for this, Important to note that Double Saber is crippled in NA at the moment without the DS Whirlwind ring, which means it's missing a large chunk of its usual DPS.

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