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Here’s what the company claims.Best Known Brand in Education. This table reflects the total Gross Revenues from the Sylvan business in the 367 reporting Sylvan Territories for 2019. With more than 1,000 companies being reviewed for this list, this a great accomplishment and is a testament to our employees and franchise network. Since its founding in 1979, Sylvan Learning has become the leading supplemental and enrichment education franchise in North America thanks to its mission-driven philosophy, educational technology, community-oriented approach and strong franchisee support infrastructure. This franchise is offered only by our delivery of a franchise disclosure document to you in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s rule on franchising and various state and provincial/territorial franchise sales laws. In addition to going up against leaders such as Kumon, Sylvan Learning and Huntington Learning Centers, smaller franchises must also compete with numerous boutique firms as well as private tutors who might service a local area. Surely, these benefits and requirements speak volumes for starting a Sylvan tutoring franchise. But, they are a great opportunity to get into the education and tutoring industries without having to worry about how to invent something. I wanted to provide the best service by joining the best company; it was a no-brainer. However, parents are looking for the credibility that Sylvan Learning Center franchises have, wanting only the best for their kids. This is not an offer to sell a franchise. Being a Sylvan franchisee is more than the satisfaction and reward of owning my own business. Business profile for Sylvan Learning Center in Portland, Oregon. But in a franchise organization, like Sylvan’s, any change has to win the buy-in of independent franchisees. We are 2nd generation franchisors! My favorite part of being a Sylvan franchisee is the flexibility that it has given me to juggle being a working mom. Sylvan Franchisee Jack Shilling found it impossible to be retired, so he joined forces with his son to make a difference in students’ lives. When did you open your Sylvan Learning center and what was the inspiration opening this franchise? Franchisees are offered a flat royalty rate with all costs built in so operations run smoothly with no surprise expenses. There is a big choice of children's franchises for sale here so that you can pick up the one which looks interesting and can yield a good profit. Kari Weigel and Marissa Roh’s dedication to Sylvan Learning has been steadfast throughout the past 21+ years. As demand for the most reputable name in supplementary education continues to soar, we are growing to meet it. Scott Lindsey loves that he can be his own boss with Sylvan. Secondly, the Sylvan Tutoring Center franchise company has fantastic support and training for franchise owners. Next, the industry is evolving as tutoring companies integrate technology into their services, making learning easier and more accessible. Schedule a call with Kristie here! "It was very exciting, with investments and developments on all fronts. opportunity to expand on what’s taught The Sullivan family discusses their pathway to Sylvan, applying a business background to a strong franchise opportunity, while also having the chance to help students in their community. ", Kent Kolbow a multi-unit Sylvan franchisee in Indiana, "The more that educators throughout the country try to utilize technology to do the teaching for them without having the human touch and coaching, the more it fails. 5 Best Safe Investments With High Returns For Any Income, How To Make The Most Of 401k Plans Offered By An Employer, 5 Places To Look For High Quality Freelance Editors, How To Negotiate Fair Franchise Agreement Terms, 9 Reasons To Use Employee Timesheets During Working Hours, Where to Find Boutique Clothing Wholesalers, 5 Ways Technology Can Improve Business Processes, 3 Ways Businesses Can Get Their First Business Property Purchase Right, What To Look For In Product Invention Companies That Are Legit. Buying a Sylvan franchise is a great opportunity to enter into the education industry. “We’ve seen an enormous demand for our services. Since I’ve seen many Kumon Centers close around my area, I would say you would not make much money. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, sylvan learning center cost will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Interested in Canada? The total investment range for a Sylvan Learning center is $70,270-$163,625. Here are the facts I found. The timing is perfect, as the company recently made changes that optimize the franchisee experience. ", "I enjoy teaching SAT and ACT prep because I love seeing our students improve and the excitement in their eyes when their scores increase. in Business. Each Franchise Due Diligence Report involves custom research on and a complete investigation of the franchise opportunity and SYLVAN LEARNING, the franchisor that offers franchised businesses for sale. Image from, Your email address will not be published. The table divides the group into quartiles, based on Gross Revenue by Territory. Required fields are marked *. New centers also opened in the states of Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming. “We put in a new scheduling and admin system that makes operating a system much easier and migrated our internal technology to a cloud-based solution, which will make the delivery of our programs even more reliable. Share a comment below. It’s who we are and it’s what we do. Through technology, research, All Rights Reserved. Min. This hybrid teach model can be leveraged by franchisees to service their local area. INVESTMENTREQUIREMENTSHOW MUCH CAN I MAKE. “Sylvan Learning made a lot of internal investments in 2019 to set us up for success in 2020,” CEO John McAuliffe said. Business profile for Sylvan Learning Center in Oak Harbor, Washington. In fact, it is the strongest in the entire tutoring industry. Nearly 60 franchise companies compete for market share in the U.S., with additional companies expected to enter the sector during the next five years. We are leveraging the fact that we’ve been in business for 40 years, which proves the quality of our product.”. The Becketts chose Sylvan as a strong franchise opportunity for a variety of reasons including brand name recognition, tools and support from corporate, and its major focus on technology. Sylvan Learning Centers, LLC, Case CCB-11-0986 (decided Jan. 5, 2012), the plaintiff franchisee alleged that he agreed to develop and operate a new Sylvan Learning Center in Irving, Texas, in reliance upon representations from Sylvan that it would sell the plaintiff two existing Centers … Children's Franchises For Sale. With their support and proven business model, a new franchise has a solid chance of success. A franchise requires an investment of time and money. Sylvan Learning, Inc. (formerly Sylvan Learning Corporation) consists of franchised and corporate supplemental learning centers which provide personalized instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, homework support, and test preparation for college entrance and state exams. Description What’s included in the SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER Franchise Due Diligence Report? Sylvan was founded in 1979 in a Portland, Ore., suburb, then grew nationally through franchising and its 1985 purchase by Kinder-Care Learning Centers Inc., a major child-care chain. Joining the leading tutoring franchise allows you to take advantage of the many support systems through corporate, and endless resources amongst your fellow franchisee community. Our services are popular in communities everywhere because students and parents alike are impressed with the results of our one-on-one help . The table divides the group into quartiles, based on Gross Revenue by territory. and families are striving for greatness, and competition in Brad Warn decided to transition into franchise ownership with Sylvan Learning so he could spend more time with his family rather than on the road traveling for work. With the current interest in holistic education and with parents looking to build a solid future for their children, investing in the market can be profitable for you too. Own the #1 senior care franchise—A business with four great profit centers and a proven success record! Robbie Walls looked at franchise opportunities across multiple industries. offers unlimited sales leads, mailing lists, email lists. The Sylvan learning franchise has a unique tutoring model. Get in-center or online tutoring and support with math, reading, writing, test prep & more. A Sylvan franchise offers you a trusted brand and instant credibility. ", Josh Ploch a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Oklahoma, "Above all else, I love the lasting impact Sylvan leaves on its families. "2018 was a banner year for Sylvan Learning," Sylvan Learning's Vice President of Franchise Development Georgia Chasen said. One of the best parts of my job is when scores come out and I get texts and calls from my students and their parents about how proud they are that they accomplished their goals. The corporate team prioritizes empowering franchisees to run local marketing campaigns. The executive team holds monthly system-wide calls to share news and celebrate successes. So we still need that certified teacher and one-on-one connection with each student to make the most impact that we can. The corporate team has been a huge help in every part of the transition: answering questions, training us, walking us through the process. The tutoring industry is currently a $4 billion dollar market, showing indications of nearly 5% annual growth within the next couple of years. Sylvan claims:Digital Learning Innovation. segment with unparalleled But first, you will have to apply to start a Sylvan Tutoring Center franchise yourself. ", Kim Teixeira a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Chesapeake, Virginia, "We’ve been at this for nearly 40 years, so there’s not much we haven’t seen. ", Georgia Chasen Sylvan’s Vice President of Franchise Development, "Satellite locations are a very valuable proposition for Sylvan owners and our students. Overall, Sylvan Learning Centers do cost a lot to open. Sylvan Learning had quite the year of franchise growth in 2019. She currently owns and operates 5 centers and serves on various councils and committees with the Sylvan Corporate Office in Baltimore, MD.

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