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I found it very helpful in keeping the regular intervals between meals. Hi Laurel, to have an exact measurement for your specific needs you can use the following protein intake calculator: I need more variety. Aim for about 50% of calories per day from healthy carbs. I workout 6x/wk with HIIT and strength train 4x/wk. I can already FEEL and SEE results. I was always told to weight products before thermal treatment. BUT do remember to not deprive yourself or leave yourself feeling hungry! Hi Lockie, basically you can eat clean all the time but during your 7-day shred, you might be limiting your caloric intake. I had questions about the eggs with breakfast. Any help is much appreciated! Hey Danyal, this may work for you, depending on what stage you are in in your prep… Initially, it should do the trick. , Hey Naomi! Once you know what your body needs to perform optimally and to get the best results you can make the proper adjustments. Thanks in advance! I usually cook the 1/2 cup with about 1 cup of water and my banana or simply add it to 3/4 – 1 cup of hot/boiling water and top with bananas and serve! is that the main meal you’ve listed in your planner? I’m wondering if you can provide a guide as to what time frame wax meal should be consumed? My best advice would be to eat when you feel hunger , I dont get it as a women i was wondering do you eat the same stuff every day. For example, will the cooked egg whites still be good after 7 days? Yes you can use the same measurements, once again you want to take your caloric intake into consideration. If I feel hungry, which I probably will, can I add more veggies such as a bowl of broccoli or cabbage? You can have a look at this calculator to get an idea of how many calories you would need while breastfeeding: But since you are both working out, being active + breastfeeding you will definitely need more energy. Don't risk doing a workout improperly! This meal plan can be adjusted to your specific goals and calorie calculator seen in the tips section, you can eat only 3 times if you prefer but you shouldn’t be starting yourself. Some treats are still allowed to help keep cravings at bay, and your meals will be spread out to reduce hunger symptoms. Hi Tatiana. I’ll have to do a little update to the meal plan so that it’s all clear . THANK YOU! ps. Often times when patients come to me (usually to get their thyroid checked) for inability to lose weight, they truly believe they are restricting their calories, but they aren’t measuring and end up consuming more calories than ever thought. By juices do you mean homemade juices? Thirdly, Post workout we should go for carb or protein diet??? Yes feel free to substitute one of the meals with a protein shake! Hey Kimberly. Perhaps you can try drinking some mineral water with a splash of citrus with your meals instead, wine might actually be better for you than coca cola too! On days I do HIIT it’s for cardio and I do 20min HIIT and 10-20min low impact depending on whether it is also a strength training day or not. It is devised by celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and includes an exercise DVD that contains circuit workouts, each 20 … If you have absolutely no options but to skip a meal, make sure you do not binge during the next meal and than you are getting sufficient energy (calories) for optimal results (no less than 1200 calories). after all it’s not only about weight, it’s about the quality of our lives and our overall happiness at the end To answer your questions: 1) Personally, I don’t like to keep my meat in the fridge for over 3 days but I do believe that it can last up to 5 days. I was wondering what the protein/carb/fat macros are on this plan. You can use calorie count: What would be a good replacement? I am using sweet potato as my carb. Perhaps the oatmeal late at night isn’t the best choise but other than that you should be good to go! Hi Isabella can I eat for breakfast 1/4 cup oatmeal is 100 calories and add a cup of egg whites that is 125 calories and a half tbs almond butter that is 48 calories and half cup almond milk total calories would be 285 for breakfast is that too many calories thank you gina, I’m try to to lose my last ten pounds so I’m going to follow your diet but just use that as my breakfast I also workout at the gym I was245 pounds now down to 128 trying to get to 120 thank you so my breakfast is fine at 285 calories. It’s easy to back a piece of fruit and some nuts for example if you are in a hurry, and this way you will still be feeding your body regularly and providing it with healthy nutrients. Sometimes, when we are detoxing and cleansing our bodies, it can be common to get such symptoms… it can be a good idea to consult with a nutritionist, especially if you are breastfeeding. Hope this helps a little Matt, keep eating real food, keep moving daily and YOU WILL GET RESULTS – no extreme are needed . It’s hard to say Vanessa. Hi there, I read through some of the questions and responses but not all, so i am not sure if you have answered this question before (sorry if you have): For meal 1, the oatmeal is not mixed with the 1/2 egg whites and topped with banana is it? Hi!!! As for the protein, you can measure it uncooked if you have the option…, Hi there, just came across this 7 day plan and really want to try it. I have a sweet tooth and find I always sabotage my diet when it comes to my cravings. but should be using the Extreme Fat Loss calorie count for this? For night meal should we focus on protein diet or carb diet??? I’m going to the San Diego beach in 2 weeks and am thinking about doing this diet in the next week. Does this affect the 2-3 hour window for eating. Would it be okay to substitute say a black bean burger/soy burger for the lean beef burger? Just how much weight can you lose while on this plan? this is a great post with valuable eating tips. Shredding 101: the perfect shredding meal plan to get and keep your abs! The final tip I would give you if you wanted to maximize fat loss is to supplement with a fat burner. So keep doing your best while slowly creating new habits that you can actually stick to. Hi Shane, it’s all about trial and error, listening to your body and adjusting accordingly. It’s up t you Richard. I do it every time I need a push since the results are so very real and immediate. If I’m going to make the receipts i dont understand what portions I’m supposed to have. For example, if you eat 1700 calories a day, you will prepare each meal accordingly! Thanksss, Hi Vanessa. See, the longer you reduce your calorie intake for, the more your body will try to hold onto the flabby fat you actually want to get rid of. my problem is food prepping atm and keeping food fresh enough throughout the week, thank you! After my lunch is when it hits me and I like to have a square or two of dark organic chocolate with some black tea sweetened with stevia. Although we know how and what we “should” be eating, sometimes “life” (and our emotions) get in the way & sticking to a healthy and balanced diet can become a challenge. The 7-Day Shred Menu Plan Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6 I don’t see why not Lex! Greek yogurt has a lot of protein and is also a good source of carbs! Hi there, yes but you should make sure you are getting sufficient calories depending on your training frequency and intensity. Not sure if i want to keep going ( cuz of gaining ). ), healthy fats (olive oil, fatty fish, avocado…) and let’s not forget water. Didnt notice! This meal plan is awesome! Also, the type of food that you are eating makes a tremendous difference- this shred plan looks fantastic- well rounded and very nutritious. Are the above; the only ideas I choose from on each day for the seven days or is there more? I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly. Did not work out for those two weeks and lost 6 pounds!!! Try this sample meal plan during the Get Ripped phase of the programme. Last, if I eat all of this, then say I go and burn about 450-500+ calories at the gym, do I need to eat more to add the 450-500 calories back? You can reach out here:, Hi isabella, this might be a stupid question.. I hate to ask this, but I am new to eating clean. Hi Angie, The 7-day shredding meal plan can serve you as a great guideline, however, I do recommend personalizing it depending on your own goals. thanks. Only thing I have an issue with is the 4 oz protein for meals 2,3 & 5. Hi Katie, I would love to redirect you to some of the new and updated Meal Plans that I fully encourage and recommend. For meal 3, option 3, what size is the portion of beans? Also, with the exception of the the last few days, I train very often. What about the spinach in meal 1? And what’s best to eat right after a work out? May I ask for your macros? Hi Nada! Hi Gail, I believe that you can find most of these ingredients at your local grocery store, if not, you can look for them in wholefood stores! Hi Jenn, you can try the other breakfast options if you like or simply reduce the portion of your breakfast if you feel like it’s too much for you! In other words could I eat meal 1 from day 1 as my meal 1 on day 2? There are no silly question They are measured before cooking! You can freeze them but I personally like to prepare my meals twice a week! The program consists of four weeklong cycles and it is said to be conducive to following at home, on the road, or even at work. with in-depth instructional videos. reduced fat (2%) Greek yogurt 1 sco… What you think about following plan for 1 month? You surely can, make sure you are including a sufficient amount of calories into you daily meals. Hi Angela, It all depends on your specific goals and caloric needs. thanks so much for this life changing meal plan. The overall formula consists of natural substances that don’t just work great on their own but complement each other for an added boost. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. This is based on a 45% carbs, 35% protein, and 20% fat, and is designed for a 215 lb male. I am also 5’2″ and I weigh 130 pounds, but my body fat percentage is very low, so the pounds are essentially irrelevant. Once again, you want to calculate your daily caloric needs to have a better idea of how much calories you need daily, we are all different and have unique goals! ..if for example all my snacks would be Greek yogurt? Thank you for the info! For meal 4 could I make a smoothie with some fruit and a scoop of whey? 1. I was given this meal plan from my personal trainer. Thank you!!! Loving this new way of life and my energy levels have sky rocket/. I’ll provide more details of these in the next section, but it mainly comes down to lean meats, fatty fish, and plenty of veggies. V Shred Diet is a Scam. Perhaps before your workout session combined with some protein and carbs would be best! Will this affect the diet at all? Also, could I switch the Meal 3 carb with Meal 5 veggies to have the carb for dinner? In a nutshell, it does three things: The makers formulated it in a way that makes it more suitable for women. You can try substituting with popcorn (with no or little butter or olive oil and little salt) or maybe some chopped veggies with a tbsp. Try out this great program right here! Does it matter how you prepare the food? I know my diet requires me to eat my lean body mass weight in grams of protein. I’ve lost count how many people have come to me for fitness and weight loss advice that have spent years jumping from diet to diet only to become delusional about the lack of results. What do I do? Happy to have you on board & a big thank you to your trainer for spreading the meal plan with her/his clients , Hi.. Hi, I want to start your 7 day shred, but I’m a little confused. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. I came across this meal plan through pintrest. option 1: 1/2 cup oatmeal + 1/2 banana + 1/2 cup egg whites + 1 cup of berries (on the side), option 2: 3 egg whites + 1 whole egg + 1 cup spinach + 1/2 cup veggies of your choice (tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms) + 1 slice of Ezekiel bread or other sprouted grain bread, 7 day shred meal plan salmon and asparagus, example 1) Grilled chicken breast with asparagus, example 2) Baked tilapia with broccoli topped with seasoned extra virgin olive oil, example 3) Sardines served with mixed greens salad, 7 day shred meal plan rice veggies and tofu, 4 oz. Also you want to make sure that you adjust your caloric intake when breastfeeding. For example is it because its low carb, high protein? I would use fruit and nuts for the extra sweetness and crunch. Eating once a day is one of the reasons why your body does not deal well with energy. Also, how should I eat after the diet in order to not gain the weight back? Personally I like my eggs on the side! Super SHRED diet plan – what to eat and foods to avoid General guidelines. Have a look at my JERF (Just Eat Real Food) Meal Plan here for some extra ideas:, Hi Isabella, i would like to get stronger and get 3-4 killos in muscles mostly.Is that diet proper?Thank you very much, Hi Teo, it should be good as long as you are eating sufficient calories . Burn Fat with the Ripped in 30 Meal Plan Whether you are a girl or guy you are going to be in a calorie deficit on Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 meal plan. Have a great week . If you prepare all the meals on Monday how do you keep them from not going bad? The directions to prepare meat are listen in the tips at the bottom of the post. Tina this is a meal plan sample giving you different options on what to eat and tools to calculate how much you eat depending on your goals. I use whole oats, 1 tsp of brown sugar and a piece of fruit, I have tried banana, peach and strawberries. I have not started yet, still completing the 7 day. Hi Belinda. Meal 2. I really appreciate it. ► 6 oz chicken breast. Hi Dallas, apple with peanut butter is fine, just don’t overdo it . Hi! You can definitely reduce the portion sizes, we are all unique and have different needs, so please do make the necessary adjustments to suit your preferences. When eating clean becomes a habit, you actually crave less and less of the processed junk and you actually start getting excited about things like oatmeal, nuts, dark chocolate, kale :O I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying eating this way, keep it up Devin! Always try to incorporate more whole foods & less processed and package products into your diet , Hello, I am interested in starting this meal plan tomorrow. When I came across this meal plan, I knew this is what I needed to jump start my weight loss again and take control of my portions. There are no silly questions You can either cook your eggs with the oatmeal or have an omelette on the side. The Daily Shred Diet is a 4 day cycle where you will eat 3 days of meals that are lower in carbohydrates, followed by one higher carb day. thanks for your help. Vinsanity Shred Meal Plan and Training Plan for Him/Her – $225.00. If you have a protein shake daily, you can remove 1 meal from the plan and replace it with the protein shake. Needs to be something I’m able to eat on the run between patients such as a nutrition bar/nuts something like that. I tried to muscle through this morning, but don’t think I can do it for the next 6 days! once drained (approx.). Hi, I am really interested in trying out your programme but I am allergic to eggs and I don’t find oats fill me up at all (they seem to go straight through me and I’m hungry again within an hour of eating them) so I’m not sure what to have for breakfast. Ginger: Hinders cholesterol absorption. Place the beef over a bed of: 1 cup of shredded lettuce, 1/2 cup fresh salsa, and 1/4 cup shredded … Follow the guidelines in the article and you should see results quickly! All of the portion sizes are listed below the images… you can contact me by email at:! And second—you need a solid fat-loss plan to supplement the diet—we suggest one of the 21-day programs from The 21-Day Shred Series, or the original itself. Hello Isabella, have a questiom is it normal to feel like im eating way to much i kinda feel some what bloated and in general feel like fat or like im gainjng weight imon day 2 ?? You will also be eating some fruit on a daily basis, but in limited amounts to reduce your sugar intake. Do you suggest any good recipes for any of the meals? Also is it ok to add in an extra meal if i need another snack? I would recommend it since you are training hard and sticking to this meal plan for longer than 7 days, we want to make sure you are getting sufficient carbs so definitely go ahead! 5. I’m really interested to know what it is about this plan that makes it work apart from being clean. Experiment with boiled, grilled, baked or steamed meats and always avoid deep or even shallow frying. Wrap airtight and refrigerate to have for breakfast on Days 2 and 3. you don’t need to follow the plan by the letter, you can slightly customize it to fit your needs while using the guidelines , thanks for the article, Great! As long as your meals are well balanced, you should be good to go, maybe add a piece of fruit to the mix. For example, I myself need to eat approximately 2100 calories per day to support my daily activity and workouts and to build strong muscles… not that a random calculator will give you the straight answer but with trial and error you can find the perfect fit for yourself. They are smaller meal Jen. I see now you eat from the examples listed for he seven day plan… I do have just one other question. As for the calories, I’m not sure I understand your question… You can calculate an estimate of your daily requirements and split it up into 5-6 meals, making sure you eat right after working out! Great meal Plean, thank you for the Meal 4 Recipe..Thanks again! My normal eating habits aren’t the best so I’m not sure the best way to make sure I don’t gain back what I lost! I’m embarking on my 2nd round of the 7 day shred and am just as excited as I was last time. I was full from meal 1 when it was time to eat meal 2 and now it’s time for 3 and I feel like I’ve eaten way too much already. Is the oatmeal measurement dry or cooked? 2 eggs (2 eggs = 1 meal) 1 loaf of bread. That might be a little less daunting- I loved the plan because I can’t really do big meals (but gotta have my variety!) For a 1 cup serving (and I’m good with cutting back to 3/4, 1/2 – whatever) has 160 cal, 1g fat, 90mg sodium, 10g fiber, 9g sugar, 13g protein and 10g whole grains. The Shred Plan is based on “diet confusion.” This principle is modeled after a similar strategy in exercise called muscle confusion, which is used to help break through plateaus of muscle growth. I have continued to workout 5 days a week but my diet was not consistent. For example, for meal 1, you can have oatmeal or eggs, meal 2 can be your choice of protein and veggies, etc. protein + 1 healthy carbohydrate (+ 1 cup veggies: optional), followed are some examples listed , Thanks for replying so quick what I meant was I used to eat small meals but just 3 sometimes not too healthy but I didn’t eat as much as now and really didn’t feel hungry before but I’m just starting to eat really healthy to loose like 10 lbs. I’m vegetarian and don’t eat eggs or fish. You don’t want to starve yourself, ever, if you feel “hunger” then definitely EAT, just try to make smarter choices. I would recommend eating your last meal no later than 2 hours before you go to bed unless you are feeling HUNGRY. I haven’t lost any weight from the calorie differential. Should this be eliminated on this plan? The only reason I don’t suggest to stick to this diet or any diet for that matter, is because I don’t want people to feel like they cannot enjoy their favorite treats and foods on a regular basis. Make the Low-Carb Blueberry Muffins. But with breakfast – how is it Prepared/served? Hello isabella do you have cook times for them and how much we need to buy for the week… Im planning on cooking all at once for the week cause i dont have alot of time in my week… So a little more of a break down would be amazing! Just curious of approximately how many calories this 7-day shred is??? I never logged onto their website. Spices are known to rev up your you can burn more calories without lifting a finger. When you eat every 2-3 hours, your metabolism cranks up and it is normal to feel hungry more frequently! For the spinach, it’s up to you! Ooooh! Already have a Bodybuilding account with BodyFit? High nutrient density, low calorie, calorie disruption/intermittent fasting, diet confusion. Hi Isabella, I’m looking to lose not necessarily weight, but to shed some of the excess fat on my stomach, back, etc (I’m working toward abs for Christmas ) If everything checks out, I plan to move on to the “Body Fuel System” plan. Good question! Thanks for the answer, the thing is I cooked around 835 g of chicken for the week, and after cooking it weighed around 574 g remained, this is around 20 ounces. Protein: 60g. Hemp Protein, Sprouted Rice Protein or Grass Fed Whey Protein 1 cup of Organic Blueberries 1 Tbs of Flaxseeds or oil 8oz of Water. So my question here would be if there is a way to measure the veggies and other food groups (walnuts) by weighing them out(ounces) instead of measuring it in cups? yes these would be a good choices, especially with your breakfast or as a snack before you workout! I need to lose these extra pounds(midsection) I gain asap. Is it a powder? Already have a account with BodyFit? You must feel amazing. You might also want to try intermittent fasting to boost your fat loss and hold on to those hard earned muscles, you can watch this video for more info: When you buy the product through these links, we may receive a small commission. Now it won't get you shredded in five days but will certainly get you going in the right direction. This can only be bought online? You can add the egg white right away or eat them on the side, whatever works best for you. My Fit Station may contain affiliate links. Thank you! BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness. Taste the Shred Cooking Guide This free 90-page eBook is available exclusively to Shred10 ® participants. Is carb intake for rice, quinoa limited to first few meals of the day? The thing with any and every packaged foods is that they will never be as good for your body as natural real food is. I personally like to prepare my meals twice a week to keep them fresh, but it’s up to you…, Got up late today and did meal one and then meal 3 because their wont be enough time in the day ihad a. Apple with almond butter then I will go to meal 4 for dinner is that okay trying to lose my last 10 pounds, That’s fine Gina. THE PLAN Hey Stephanie. It all depends on your current eating habits (and other factors)… this meal plan is very practical when you are trying to build new healthy habits. Thank you for answering!! I never recommend starving yourself or unnecessary deprivation. how many cups should i consume of each? i always worry how long things stay fresh for, like i can cook the chicken and fish on sunday and it will be ok on friday still? I’d love to just make them all up together to save time if they stay fresh most the week , Hi Dani. I am now at about 14-16% bodyfat. You can follow the meal order above, once again, you might want to slightly adjust it depending on when you are working out.℠ and BodySpace® are trademarks of So, let’s take a quick look at what you can and can’t eat during a shred week. Honestly, I would suggest doing a little pinterest search for “healthy oatmeal bars” and finding a recipe that contains only whole food (this option is usually way healthier than any store bought bar) . Tanya, I would recommend a healthy sized portion when you feel hunger. Glad to hear that you are benefiting from it . Hi Tatianna. hi Isabella, i do stuck , here what happened : i tried Atkins diet for 5 days , and left it cuz of side effects. There are soooo many factors that influence fat loss, I know that it can get frustrated at times. Your body is readjusting. Which I pressume it was water maybe but is great anyway!!!! ! However, if you want to fuel your body with REAL FOOD, I wouldn’t recommend eating miracle whip and mayo (unless it’s homemade) during your 7-day shred! You can prepare everything the way you like (besides deep frying and adding plenty of butter everywhere, lol). While calories matter, when you’re dieting the real important factors start with the proper amount of each of these macronutrients. So this is Day 1 of this meal plan! So once you are done with the seven days, you can have a few days where you eat a little more calories before going back to the 7-day shred! You can still eat carbs, protein, and fat, but you want to get them from healthy sources. I’ve been eating clean for 2 days and noticed my sugar cravings or any cravings in general are gone. To eat 5-6 meals a day, would you have to be eating every 2-3 hours. Hi are the weights specified (eg.

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