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Soft tip lets fish mouth the bait with minimal resistance - magnum-taper loads up so quickly just lifting the rod creates positive hookset! Slower action rods flex down into the butt section. At 6'10" it is right in the sweet spot in terms of length and can make pin point accurate casts when paired with a high quality spinning reel. For this any spinning rod 6´ 6" to 7´ long that has a wispy tip (to impart action to bait), medium action and a bit of backbone in the middle and lower sections will work for a "heavier" drop-shot rig. That being said an extra fast rod tip that is just too still will be complete overkill and make your rod feel a little to snappy. ​Fenwick have been a long standing innovator in the bass fishing rod world and the Elite Tech Bass range is no exception. The basic drop shot presentation for suspended bass is to let the rig sink straight down to the depth at which you see the bass on your graph. Don’t be fooled by the “inshore” stamp on the St. Croix Mojo rod. This is a great range to provide a reliable rod for new dropshot fishers who need to learn on a shorter rod, while still providing longer rods for more experienced anglers. The graphite blank provides a good mix of lightweight feel and durable strength. As a dropshot rod, the Piscifun is a medium power rod with fast action and a 6’6” length. All the hardware to finish the rod is top notch with Fuji K-Frame guides using Sic inserts and a proprietary reel seat. Then you hold the rig at that depth. BigBassin144. The 7' medium/fast model is the right choice for drop shots. when looking at finesse style fishing graphite or a more modern graphite blend is the only choice in town. It you are spending money on the best drop shot rod that you can afford then that money may well be going to waste if you choose to use mono as your main line. As a brand Dobyns are producing ​some super slick rods at an affordable price. ​It is rated for line in the 6-12 lbs range and lure weights in the 1/8-1/2 oz range which is a perfect rod for drop shotting or pretty much any other finesse technique. For this technique to work, you need to have a spinning rod and reel because it will help you get the perfect vertical drop. They are not only lighter but considerably more sensitive than just about any other rod you will hold in your hand. Veteran Member. Stealth and subtlety are key when presenting your lure to a fish. ​If you are paying for a dedicated rod for drop shots then it stands to reason that you should get the very best performance out of it and a soft grip is something that a lot of anglers will over look time and time again when choosing finesse gear. "Bass anglers set up a drop shot rig typically using a seven foot medium light action spinning rod and reel set up loaded with fluorocarbon line," says bass pro Kendall Ulsh. However these types of decisions can often just be a personal preference, most spinning rods do come with a cork handle though so even if you were to look for a foam handled rod you might end up limiting your choices severely. St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod. The Fenwick Eagle is the budget option to get into the well performing line of Fenwick rods, and is a great option for building your dropshot rig. This 7-foot rod truly earns its title as “elite”. The drop shot technique is a true finesse technique, requiring only the most subtle of twitches at strategically timed intervals. Action and power are often confused and you will routinely hear them being used incorrectly to describe the same thing. They have a stellar track record in created rods that are perfectly matched to various bass fishing techniques. At 7-feet this rod is right in the middle of the butter zone for dropshot rod length, it gives you the casting power to get the line out far enough for good weight and bait alignment. Most mid-range drop shot spinning rods will feel pretty close in terms of performance to some of the higher end rods but what sets them apart will be the sensitivity rather than the casting ability. Most baitcaster do not perform well on really light lines and rigs. Abu Garcia is a premier name in fishing gear that gets you on the water and fishing without having to worry about your equipment. This is one of our personal favorite drop shot rods out … To give you the casting power you need to master the dropshot technique, aim for a rod that is in the 7-foot length range. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. ​The Mojo Bass line is a super popular series of high performing yet really durable rods that deliver on both performance and price. The best way to explain fishing rod action is to say action is determined by the point at which a rod "initially' flexes and where it "stops" bending. St. Croix Premier Series Spinning Rod. From there, you’ll want to drag the drop shot weight across the … The idea is to use bait and a specific knot called a Palomar knot to make your drop shot hook lie horizontally in the water and make you bait look more natural. When sensitivity is key I personally favor a traditional cork handle as a EVA foam can be a bit too soft and take a lot of 'the feel' out of the rod blank. These types of setups require a much lighter touch and you need not only the ability to cast lighter weights but also the sensitivity in the rod tip to be able to detect softer bites and get a quick hook set. A variation on this ploy allowed Kotaro Kiriyama to win an Elite Series tournament on Lake Erie out of Buffalo, N.Y., with 93 pounds, 6 ounces of smallmouth bass. He GX2 spinning rod has medium power and medium-fast action that still give you sufficient power and sensitivity to nab a fish on your line. Since dropshot fishing is about catching a fish mid-water, you need to rely on patience and therefore need a rod with a medium-light power rating to give you the right mix of balance and flex. E6X DROP SHOT. Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. E6X DROP SHOT Soft tip lets fish mouth the bait with minimal resistance - magnum-taper loads up so quickly just lifting the rod creates positive hookset! The grips even stay comfortable after getting wet. 229. X Rod Action Chart The “action” of a rod is determined by where a rod flexes along the blank. Fiberglass or s-glass rod blanks will normally have a lot less sensitivity in them. 229. It is rated for line in the 6-12 lb range and a casting weight of 1/4-5/8 oz. Available in our ultra-sensitive, extreme performance NRX, along with GLX & IMX PRO models! Faster action rods flex mostly near the tip. The single piece stainless steel line guides in the Elite make sure the guides don’t slip or pop out, no matter what kind of line you are using. The rod. "It gives that bait a totally different action from a traditional Texas rig. G. Loomis are legends in the rod building game and deliver the some of the most crisp, sensitive and powerful rod blanks around. For drop shot fishing you want a rod with fast action that puts the majority of the flex near the tip. This is really nice for those days where you plan to dropshot, but conditions, or lack of bites motivate you to change up your plan. Best Fish Finders in 2020 – Top Selections From A Boat Expert! © 2019 | FishingPicks.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com. For dropshot, Palaniuk likes a medium, medium-light (M-ML) action rod. The power of the rod is medium heavy, not ideal for dropshot, but the fast action and lightweight materials still let the Fenwick elite maintain the sensitivity it needs to be an effective rod. The best drop shot rod for the money you are getting high end rod performance without the big price tag! This is because lighter line will fall off of the spool of a spinning reel with much greater ease. The soft tip and fast action give you control over the bait that lets you give a smooth wiggle to your worms that curious fish just can resist. It should be rated for at least 12lb line if you intend to do some "heavy-duty" drop-shoting with full size baits and larger hooks. As mentioned earlier a sweet spot will as the best rod length for drop shots will be between 6'6" and 7' long. Each rod was tested to cover a … Faster action rod blanks will set the hook quicker and feel a lot more senitive in your hand. 10 Best Dropshot Rods – Our Favorite Models For 2020, fishingpicks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/G.-Loomis-E6X-820S-Drop-Shot.jpg

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